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China's eight-year-long smartphone growth comes to an end


The Chinese smartphone market has gone into decline for the first time in almost a decade


China's smartphone market has fallen for the first time, with annual shipments down by 4% in 2017, according to data from research firm Canalys.


The decline ends eight years' growth in the world's largest mobile phone market.


Smartphone brands Huawei, Oppo and Vivo continue to dominate the Chinese handset market.

华为、Oppo 和Vivo继续占据中国手机市场的主导地位。

Despite the overall slowdown of the market, Huawei saw double-digit growth, the Canalys report said.

Canalys 报告称,尽管市场总体放缓,但华为还是取得了两位数的增长。


Changing times


Between 2010 to 2015, the global smartphone market was mostly a showdown between Apple and Samsung.


showdown:一决胜负; 紧要关头

But over the last two years, smaller Chinese Android smartphone brands have risen, offering faster entry-level phones at much more affordable prices.

但在过去两年中, 规模较小的中国安卓智能手机品牌已经崛起, 以更实惠的价格和更快的速度提供入门级手机。

While consumers in big Chinese cities like Beijing and Shanghai see the latest iPhone and Galaxy devices as "must-have" handsets, people in rural areas couldn't afford the hefty price tags and mostly stuck to basic feature phones.

尽管北京和上海等大城市的消费者将最新的 iPhone 和 Galaxy的产品视为 “必须拥有” 的手机,但农村地区的人们却无力承担这样高昂的价格,大多数人还是使用基本功能手机。


hefty price:高昂的价格

To offer these consumers a premium experience at a lower price, Oppo and Vivo - both owned by reclusive billionaire Duan Yong Ping - chose to eschew online and instead open retail stores on high streets in rural provinces.

为了给这些消费者以更低的价格提供优质的体验,低调亿万富翁段永平的两个品牌,Oppo 和 Vivo选择了不在网上,而是在农村的主街上开设零售店。


reclusive:隐遁的,隐居的; 孤独;

The approach of offering an Apple-esque in-store customer experience was successful. In 2016, China saw a huge boom in consumers swapping their basic phones for premium smartphones.

为顾客提供一个苹果似的店内客户体验的方式一举成功。在 2016年,中国出现了巨大的消费热潮,消费者将高端智能手机换成了基本功能手机。

esque:式的, Apple-esque,苹果式的

According to Counterpoint Research, by August 2017 Huawei had sold almost as many smartphones as Apple. By the end of 2016, it had already dethroned Samsung from the top spot as most profitable Android device brand in the world.

根据Counterpoint 调研机构的资料显示,到 2017年8月为止, 华为已经售出了几乎和苹果同样数量的智能手机。在2016年底,它已经将三星从世界上最畅销的安卓系统品牌老大的地位上赶下台来。


Market saturation



So why the decline? According to Mo Jia, research analyst at Canalys, now that consumers have traded up from basic phones to entry-level smartphones, they feel they don't need another one.

那么为什么市场会下滑呢?据 Canalys 的研究分析人员 Mo 贾说,现在消费者已经从基本手机升级到入门级智能手机了,他们觉得不需要再换一个了。

People are saying that "the phones they have now are already good enough," Mr Jia told the BBC. "We say that it's gone from a 'change' market to a 'stop' market.“

人人都说, “他们现在的手机已经挺好的了,” 贾先生告诉 BBC?!拔颐浅普庋氖谐∈谴右桓? ‘ 改变的 ’ 市场到一个 ‘ 停滞的 ’ 市场?!?/p>

Since even entry-level smartphones have an abundance of features, the life cycles of these devices are much longer than before, now up to 26.8 months, according to Canalys.

根据 Canalys 的数据,即使入门级智能手机也具有很多的功能,这些手机的生命周期也比以前更长,现在可以达到26.8个月。

abundance:丰度; 丰富,充裕; 大量,极多; 盈余

The research firm does not see the Chinese smartphone market growing until 5G devices hit the scene in late 2019.

该研究机构认为,待到2019年晚些时候在5G 设备上市后,中国智能手机市场才会有继续增长。

And while the perceived "luxury" prestige of iPhones will prompt some consumers to want to trade up, Mr Jia points out that the latest smartphones from Chinese brands are almost equivalent in specs and hardware to Apple's handsets.

贾先生指出,虽然 iPhone 的 “奢侈” 声望会促使一些消费者想要升级自己的手机,但他表示,中国品牌的最新智能手机几乎在规格和硬件上和苹果手机并驾齐驱。


"The phone makers are making much better phones. For example, if you look at the Huawei Mate 10 and the Mate 10 Pro, their specs are comparable to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. But the Mate 10 is at least 30% cheaper than the iPhone 8," he said.

他说:“手机制造商在不断制造更好的手机。比如说, 如果你看一下华为的Mate10和Mate 10 Pro, 它们的规格和 iPhone 8 和 iPhone 8 Plus很相似。但Mate 10起码比 iPhone 8 便宜 30%?!?/p>

Samsung's marketing disaster early last year over battery faults with the Galaxy Note 7 severely damaged its brand reputation in China.

三星去年年初因电池故障,与Galaxy Note 7的的营销冏境严重损害了其在中国的品牌声誉。

So, when people wanted a new Android device, they were much more likely to look to Huawei, Oppo and Vivo, Mr Jia added.

贾先生补充说,因此,当人们想买个新的安卓系统的手机时,他们更有可能注目华为、Oppo 和Vivo。

Expanding abroad


With the Chinese market looking pretty saturated for now, overseas expansion will be critical for Huawei, Oppo and Vivo in 2018.

随着中国市场逐渐的饱和,海外市场的扩张对华为、Oppo 和2018年的Vivo的发展至关重要。

"Oppo and Vivo are trying to expand into more countries like Russia and Japan, and they're trying to deepen their market in South East Asia," said Mr Jia.

贾先生说: “Oppo 和Vivo正试图扩展到更多的国家,如俄罗斯和日本,他们正试图深化东南亚市场的发展?!?/p>

"Xiaomi is doing very well in India. They are the most popular brand there and are seeking to open more stores. They are also expanding into Thailand.“

“小米在印度卖得很好。他们是最受欢迎的品牌, 正在开更多的店面。同时他们也发展到泰国?!?/p>

Meanwhile, Huawei's focus is on "budget smartphones" - cheaper entry-level or mid-level devices.

与此同时, 华为的重点是 “廉价智能手机”-更便宜的入门级或中档手机。

The Chinese tech giant has not had much success lately in the US, as talks to release the Mate 10 Pro on AT&T collapsed due to government security concerns.

这个中国科技巨头最近在美国并没有取得多大的成功,由于美国政府在安全方面的担忧,在美国与AT&T联手发行Mate 10 的协商不欢而散。

But Huawei is looking to continue growing in developing markets in South East Asia and Africa, while retaining and growing its existing popularity in Europe.


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